Ron & Linda Married! 10.10.10 | Orange County, CA Wedding Photography

Just about a year ago I got an email from a friend of the Cole’s – Ron.  We had both been in Jenn & Bill’s wedding and shared a love of photography.  I remember when he told me he was going propose to Linda – I was so excited for him, but I never in a million years thought I’d get the email asking me if I wanted to come to the OC and shoot their wedding on 10.10.10. After checking a couple of details, my answer was a resounding YES!

When the time for CA was finally here, Bill & I headed out to the West Coast, leaving a very pregnant Jenn behind 🙁   It was my first time ever to CA and I was pretty excited (and tired) when we arrived at LAX.  We went straight to the tux shop for Bill’s fitting and then to the hotel to rest up before the rehearsal.

Hello’s as we waited for the building to be unlocked.

Or should I say, disarmed – I loved the main door and had taken a shot.  After standing around for a few too many minutes one of the groomsmen decided to check this door handle and found it unlocked, so he opened it.  And set off the alarm system.  And 20 minutes later campus police showed up to shut it down.

But after that we were ready to set up and practice!

And then it was off for some fabulous Italian food.

And wine –

Bill was thinking about accessorizing the tuxes…. 😉

I don’t consider myself to be too cliche of a ‘girl’ – but I’m definitely enamored with a sea of red roses!

The Alumni House at Fullerton University was really beautiful.

So was Linda 🙂

I absolutely adored that Linda walked in on her own and Ron met her halfway, then they walked the rest of the way together.

I can’t quite remember how Ron & Linda know Scott, but I’m positive he’s a good person to know.  I’m grateful to him for squeezing me in at their table so I didn’t eat in the corner alone 😀

They had fantastic vows – so many similarities and overlaps; but they swear that they wrote them independently and in secret.

Sealed with a kiss.

There’s something about California light – I’m not sure what it is or why it’s different here but,  yum.

Coolest thing ever – an avocado tree.  (I know, I know, poor uneducated east coast girl!)

Best props ever!!

Personalized to the hilt!

Their wedding had a route 66 theme inspired by their road trippin’

Including favors of Maple Syrup from Funks Grove along route 66.

Cameras & Roses & Typewriters telling stories. <3

And then it was on to their beautiful reception in the courtyard.

They were toasted by Ron’s brother (the brave survivor of the segway accident earlier that morning)

And Linda’s best friends.

It was a beautiful night following the HOT (and sort of humid) day – I was a little  jealous of my friends and family back in NH that were having their first perfect fall weather days while I was on the wrong side of warm.

But after the sun went down it was absolutely perfect

I was fixated with these flower/vine things falling over the tops of the walls.

Linda looks (rightfully) skeptical about giving Ron the knife 😉

mmm, more roses!!

With the formalities over it was time to get down, literally!

A line up of all the married couples after the longevity dance <3

Ron’s parents were the sweetest, nicest, most lovely people.  With that positive influence, Ron & Linda will certainly go far.

Thank you Ron & Linda, my first trip to California was awesome.  It’s amazing the opportunities I’m afforded and I’m grateful for each and every one.


Dear Melissa,

On behalf of Ron & myself, I’d like to extend to you another huge THANK YOU for the beautiful wedding photos. Ron shared the photography CDs with me this week, and now I have been having so much fun looking at the pictures and sorting through them so that I can start to put together our wedding album.

Your photography is much like a documentarian as you caught every single important detail of our wedding. That day is such a whirlwind, and from looking through your photos it allowed me to relive all the special moments of our wedding, and also to now slow down and appreciate them again. So many of your photos make me smile, cry and laugh as I look through them.

Your work as a photographer is so important because you capture and document special moments for families. Please know that Ron & I will cherish the wedding photographs you have so skillfully created for us for years to come. Thank you for being the keeper of our memories for our special day.

With best wishes,


Darcie: Class of 2011 Hampton, NH Senior Photos

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