Rye NH Brunch Wedding

Birds of a feather, Flock together. Do you Flock? Kara & Evan, Married! Rye NH Brunch Wedding

Joyous Merriment. 

When I asked Kara & Evan about their Rye NH Brunch Wedding and the feeling they were trying to convey, these words came up very frequently.  Community was another word they used.  So right away, they hit two of my favorite concepts. Joy & Community.  But those are just words. 

When it came to the actual wedding day – the execution was off the charts.  From small stones to impart good wishes, to the recognition of the earth and elements in their ceremony.  Also, the text in their ceremony was simply unparalleled.  It made me want to renew my vows and recognize all the things about each other and what surrounds us.  

Both of these wonderful souls give of themselves.  They are kind and loving and so fully supported.  It’s obvious that they are making a positive impact on this world and doing all that they can to provide peace and happiness for anyone they meet.

When I asked what they were most excited about on their wedding day, Kara said “To be quite honest, my dress….and the dancing, singing….and obviously getting hitched” and Evan replied “I’m excited for my friend to run the ceremony. I’m excited to see Kara in her dress. I’m excited to shake everybody’s hand as they say congratulations! I’m excited to eat all the food. I’m excited to play all the games.”

That’s a lot of excitement! And it was tangible and such a joy to witness! They made this day theirs. Thoughtful decisions, simple but elegant decorations, an amazing musician and so.much.fun.  They also made the super wise decision to hire one of my favorite people – Nicole Mower – to keep the day moving along so they could be completely immersed in their new beginning and not be worrying about how everything was running on the backend. 

I thought the ceremony was going to be the most moving part of the day, but then.. they danced.  And let me tell you.  They choreographed a dance that told their story.  And I cried at its beauty.  At its tenderness.  And at its ability to show where they’ve come from and where they’re going.  Becuase they are beautiful. And tender. Above all, they are in this thing together, 100%.

Oh – and these birds? Man did they flock!  What is flocking you say?  We asked the same question! Everyone congregates on the dance floor and starting on one side, then someone steps out in front, starts a movement, and the whole group follows suit.  So then after a few bars you turn to your right or left and a leader emerges from the next side and creates a different move.  You go round the dance floor as many times as you want, each few bars with a new leader.  It was SUPER FUN! 

Finally, there are a lot of images here. I just couldn’t cut it down more.  Each photo holds such a piece of their adventure – I didn’t have it in me to pare it down any further!  


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