Sarah & Jason 05.08.10

Sarah & Jason’s wedding was everything a wedding should be.  Filled with love, support, emotion and well.. pretty things!

The afternoon started at her parent’s beautiful home in New Castle, NH for a few final touches before it was off to the church.

It was not fooling around raining, but that didn’t stop Sarah smiling from ear to ear!

New Castle Congregational is about as quaint New England as it comes.  Still proudly displaying the doors on the pews so you had to close yourself in.. I bet that was early child care. 🙂

I’m not sure who’s smile was bigger, Sarah’s or Jason’s!  I think he loves her more than a little bit 😉

Sarah’s brother gave a very emotional dedication during the ceremony, there was barely a dry eye in the house.  However, note the boys.. Jason’s sons.. and their precarious location next to the grate on the ground.  Now remember that.

And the officiant asks, may I please have the rings.  And his oldest son, being the Best Man, goes to fulfill his task.

And then it slips through his fingers.  You could feel the whole church catch its’ breath… and then exhale in laughter when it hit the carpet and was quickly recovered with out having to call in an HVAC team!

After that it was smooth sailing through the “I Do’s” and a quick escape to the car to head off for portraits.

Sarah has her heart set on taking photos at Great Island Common and thankfully Mother Nature obliged and the rain cleared as the ceremony ended.

After a few quick shots it was back to the Portsmouth Country Club for some dry land and good times.  I <3 a good funny face photo!


I also loved all the pretty simplicity with the delicate pink tulips.  So very spring!

Jason gave a warm welcome speech that again, had everyone emotional, and he looks very proud of himself for it too.

I’ve never been swarmed by so many children when it was time to cut the cake.  It was a riot!  In the lower picture you can see their sons’ heads peeking up wondering when THEY were going to get to eat the cake too.

One of the things I loved so much about this wedding is how ‘present’ every one was.  They were fabulous wedding goers – supporting each other and paying attention.  Crowding around the dance floor but still being respectful of the awesomeness that was going on.  Sarah’s & her dad got her mom quite welled up.  Everyone just gathered round and hugged her.

When Jason danced with his mum, his younger son climbed up on his new step-mums lap to watch.  Boys at weddings always tug at MY heart strings and remind me of my (not so little anymore) guy at our wedding.

Particularly in this instance, where Sarah dragged him on the dance floor to dance with her and he wanted anything but to dance.  I have eerily similar pictures of Benjamin and I in this situation! 🙂

Everyone, and I mean everyone danced but the kids really stole the show and busted some crazy moves!

I thought I spied some sunset so I went outside to check it out and found this motley crew –

And sunset! So I grabbed them for a quick kiss and then it was back to the party.

Bouquet toss and once again, everyone is front and center and enjoying the festivities!

Shortly after that it was time to take my leave; and I’m positive everyone continued to dance the night away!

Thanks Melissa – the pictures look great 🙂  – I haven’t gotten through all of them yet – but really beautiful!  thanks so much. I have already passed along your name to some people we know that are getting married next year!

Sarah & Jason – thank you so much for having me at your wedding!  In case you hadn’t figured it out by my gushing I was bowled over by your family & friends!  I hope this first half a year (bad blogger!) of marriage has been wonderful!



Eliza-6 days old! 03.28.10

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