This is New England! Seacoast NH Winter Family Photos

Confession: I’m way the ..heck.. behind on blogs. So before you get all up in arms that winter is still nearly a month away (which is what I would do) these three Seacoast NH Winter Family photos were taken LAST winter.

New England is so fickle! I have a handful of brave souls that wish for the snow for their session. Last year they ultimately had to give in to the what it was. The antithesis of the year before – no snow!

Maddie is a regular in front of my camera, but she had a new friend to share with me!  Little chocolate lab Emma. It’s hard to say who’s cuter! seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-000 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-001 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-002 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-003

Brave family #2!  I’ve waxed poetic before about how important it is for family photos even when your kids are grown up. This great family had jackets at the ready for between shots but we never needed them.  The love and laughter kept them warm the whole time! (cheesy, yes. true, yes.) :-p

seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-004 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-005 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-006 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-007 What is it about a dog in a bowtie!?seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-008 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-009 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-010 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-011 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-012And the bravest of all – – This blended family is outdoorsy to the core! Ready for the oceanside with gloves and great outerwear if it had been a few degrees colder we would have had flurries instead of just dodging cold, spitting rain.  But they never stopped smiling and I LOVE the way their personalities shine!
seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-013 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-014 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-015 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-016 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-017 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-018 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-019 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-020 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-021 seacoast-nh-winter-family-photos-022

I’ve got a feeling this winter will bring more of that fluffy white stuff with it.  I’ve got layers, you’ve got ideas. Let’s have some snowy fun!
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