Celebrate Family! Late Summer Exeter NH Family Photos

Guys. I’m the lucky one. This job of mine. It’s just crazy.  I’m sitting in FL, where I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for photography. Yesterday’s wedding was so full of good people.  And good fathers. Good Uncles. Brotherly bonds. Loving, strong, unabashedly unconditional love.  It’s not something I’m unfamiliar. My luck started from day one in good examples of a strong male role model.  But it’s not always the case. And lately, I’m even more gobsmacked by good fathers.  

Here are three amazing fathers – with equally as amazing wives; don’t get me wrong. But they’re just GOOD dads. Who love their children and their families and they are working with their partners on making good human beings to enter the human race.  And they had a really good example.  

This family holds a spot in my heart and every time I’m around them that spot gets even more solidified.  And these two human beings? The next generation? Well, they’re cuter than I can handle. 

And in conclusion – the obligatory SEO. Fall is in the Air! Exeter NH Family Photos photographer, Melissa Koren Photography, photographs good people. Wonderful, loving, quirky, sassy, laughing, fantastic, and often cheeky people like you! You are good people! There are adventures to have and memories to keep so let’s get to it! If you’re a family in New Hampshire and looking for a photographer for your Fall is in the Air! Exeter NH Family Photos, you can see more of my work online at melissakoren.com and also on Facebook. If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at melissa@melissakoren.com!


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