Wentworth By The Sea NH Wedding

Kelly & Matt: Married! It’s About Time! Fall Wentworth By The Sea NH Wedding

The love story of Kelly and Matt has the sweetest beginning! And thank goodness for their beginning because it brought them to their Fall Wentworth By the Sea NH Wedding.

Kelly tells their story like this – “I walked in and bought a car from a dealership. He took me to get the car registered, lunch and spent a lot of time calling me to follow up with my purchase. I thought he was the nicest car salesman I’d ever met and had no idea that he was trying to date me! When I first saw Matt, I clearly remember thinking he was the hottest man I’d ever seen with a gorgeous smile. 9 years later and 1 house and 1 daughter, he is the funniest, most handsome man I know and I’m honored to share my life forever with him!”  

How cute is that!? All in all, this wine drinking, taco loving duo danced the night away with joy and abandon and set off to enjoy their next 9+ years together! 


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