York ME Sunset Engagement Shoot

Heather & Brian: Engaged! York ME Sunset Engagement Shoot

Ooooooh, mother nature! You’re an unpredictable* acquaintance. I love to plan my engagement sessions for the golden hour and this York ME Sunset Engagement Shoot was no different.  What I didn’t know this evening, was just how lucky we were going to be. 

We started at Nubble Light and enjoyed some snuggles and laughs.  Then Heather & Brian changed up their outfits a little and we headed down to Long Sands Beach to get our toes a little closer to the water. 

We wandered down the shoreline talking and photoing (seems that’s actually a word .. none of my spell or grammar check plugins seem to think there’s anything wrong with it!). As the sky turned its cotton candy pink we wrapped up the session and headed back towards the cars.  Or so we though.  More chatting as we got our exercise in trudging through the sand and I turned to say something to them and saw the most amazing moon*! (I do realize the full moon is ‘predictable’ but the great sunset and pink moon are not!) We were technically one day shy of the October supermoon but man was it stupendous none the less! Of course, we took a few more images!  It’s hard to do it justice.

Anyway you shake it, the mother nature put on a great show for our York ME Sunset Engagement Shoot!

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