May 21, 2015

Baby Lyla! Concord, NH Newborn Photography

I know I’ve blathered before about how much I love newborn photos, but it’s so so true. Aside from the obvious tiny cooingness of it all, and the blankets and bows and diaper covers I get to shop for and swoon over, I love seeing new families be truly centered in the newness of it all.  It’s not like a wedding where every guest things their smartphone/ipad trumps my hired professional shot (see: unplugged wedding) or big family sessions where there’s oodles of fun hullabaloo.

Newborn sessions are my zen.  And little miss lyla was perhaps one of the most zenful of them all.  This simply splendid little girl was the most perfect model.

I arrived just after a big feeding and changing.  Lyla was being calmed by her wonderful daddy and big sister Amelia.
melissa koren photography Would you look at the smile? She’s so proud to be a big sister!concord at home newborn photography 01 She was also just 2.5 so quickly lost interest in pictures, and that’s perfectly fine!  I encourage sibling photos first during a newborn session so then the no longer youngest/only kiddo(s) can go hang out while we do our freshly-born-baby thing!concord at home newborn photography 02 Then, Lyla fell asleep, all on her own and proceeded to smile away.  All in her headband and tutu.  And I about died from the sweetness of it all.  I mean, really – can you STAND IT!?concord at home newborn photography 03 concord at home newborn photography 04 All the faces.  And the sublimely bowed lips. concord at home newborn photography 05 concord at home newborn photography 06 concord at home newborn photography 07 As she fell even more deeply asleep we snuck off the diaper.  She barely stirred. concord at home newborn photography 08 concord at home newborn photography 09 concord at home newborn photography 10 concord at home newborn photography 11 Before I left, we all piled in the bed to have some family of 4 shots.  concord at home newborn photography 12 What lucky parents and what lucky sisters! concord at home newborn photography 13 Thank you, you wonderous family, for having me into your home and sharing your love with me!  And thank you auntie Michelle for finding me and giving this newborn session as a gift at the baby shower – it’s such a fantastic idea! (if I do say so myself) (and I do)concord at home newborn photography 14

All the best!

xoxo~ melissakoren

melissa koren wilson
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