Adventures in Photography

The best way to get your feet wet is to dive into the deep end head first.

I’ve always been in love with photography. It’s in my blood – my grandfather traveled through WWII with his camera.
My uncle was the photographer for the first wedding I was ever in – and have I been in a LOT of weddings – from guest book to bride to the friend that was just always there to help – I’ve seen it all and bustled more gowns than I can recall.

When my son was born, the mall portraits quickly got old – I had more fun on the ground with him and my then point and shoot than I did waiting in a waiting room with screaming children to see proofs. As he grew, so did my passion, patience & ability. Soon I was hearing comments like ‘you have such a great eye’ and ‘you should really do this for a living!’. I didn’t think much about it until I brought my camera along to a few close friends weddings and did my own documentation of their special days. The results astounded them and as many of my prints were framed as those they got from their photographer. In the back of my head, something started churning.

As the years went by, my portfolio grew until last Christmas I decided to try and sell some matted prints at a church craft fair. The response was phenomenal and I did my first portraits and set up a website. With the New Year I booked my first wedding and have been gaining ground ever since.

This fall I look forward to senior portraits, engagement sittings, an anniversary party and who knows what else may come my way. I still have 2007 Wedding availability and have already received requests for 2008 dates!

Please look around my site, ask questions, make requests, enjoy! What ever you do – don’t be shy!

All the best

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