Angie & Russ engaged! 04.08.11 | Salisbury, MA Engagement Portraits

I got this great email from Angie in January…  “I actually stumbled upon your facebook page pretty much accidently via my friends Chris & Sara. I checked out your photos and fell in love with them!”  Things that make it a great email? 1)people “accidentally” finding me on facebook (tag yourself!) 2) Chris & Sara are two of the best people I know.  3)It makes me crazy giddy when people fall in love with my photos and 4)ANGIE + RUSS!

They were the first of my engaged couples to come out of winter hibernation and take on April spring.  And a beautiful morning we had!  They had fierce down to a science right out of the gate.

Angie is so adorable – she’s got these crazy blue eyes that you can’t quite believe are real.  And Russ is a sweetheart and so totally smitten with Angie.. as it should be!


A self proclaimed photo nerd, she came full accessorized and ready to rock out.  Don’t be afraid to color your shoot YOU.  Bright colors, headbands, sass and spunk – all things fully welcomed in an MKP session!


We had a blast at the Salisbury Beach State Reservation


And I KNOW we’re going to have at their wedding this October!

Thanks for braving the uncertainty of spring in New England – it totally paid off!


Annie's Angels Heavenly Ball 03.26.11 | Portsmouth, NH Charity Event Photography

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