August 2013: Lifestyle Recap


August was full of amazing shoots!

I met up with Meghan & Leo and 6 month old Jack for their 3rd installment of baby’s first year.  He’s so full of personality – and those PANTS!  I can’t GET OVER THEM!!
exeter nh baby's first year0000 exeter nh baby's first year0001 exeter nh baby's first year0002 exeter nh baby's first year0003

This picture of Meghan & Jack melts my hart.  Those cheeks & those eyes!!exeter nh baby's first year0004 exeter nh baby's first year0005 exeter nh baby's first year0006 exeter nh baby's first year0007 exeter nh baby's first year0008

This shoot was amazingly special to me. All these folks are part of this group because of those two sweet folks in the middle of the back row.  They all met up in this (holy sh*t gorgeous) house on the NH Coast.  It was an honor to spend a few hours with these folks and capture thing moments that were most important to them – getting to spend time together as a whole family!family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0026 family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0027

It has poured alllll morning but shortly after we started photos the rain cleared away leaving spectacular clouds & light from some photos on the beach!family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0028family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0030family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0031family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0032

Award for the must fun grandparents goes to: these two!family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0029 family reunion on the beach NH Hampton Rye0033

Julie!  Julie is the captain of the Division 1 Filed Hockey team at Londonderry High School.  She plays center back, where she controls both the offense and defense. Julie does a great job moving the ball up the field and dispersing it to her offense. She’s also my cousin!  We had a blast doing her senior photos around town 🙂londonderry nh senior photos0017 londonderry nh senior photos0018

Kristina & Andrew celebrated their engagement with our session at Maudslay State Park.  Kristina’s sister Jess is a previous bride of mine.  Their backyard wedding was adorable and I can’t wait for fun and merriment with this family again!maudslay engagement session0019 maudslay engagement session0020 maudslay engagement session0021 maudslay engagement session0022 maudslay engagement session0023 maudslay engagement session0024 maudslay engagement session0025

Another family reunion on the beach!  This was my first time at the footbridge in Ogunquit, but I hope it’s not my last!  I love the the dynamic of generations getting together.2014-02-20_0035 cousins grandkids beach photos0034 cousins grandkids beach photos0035 cousins grandkids beach photos0036 cousins grandkids beach photos0037 cousins grandkids beach photos0038 cousins grandkids beach photos0039 cousins grandkids beach photos0040

Reese & family also took advantage of a baby’s first year collection and our 6 month session was pretty rained out, but her grandparents were visiting so capturing the whole family together was more important than clear skies!baby's first year grandparents photos0041 baby's first year grandparents photos0042 baby's first year grandparents photos0043 baby's first year grandparents photos0044 baby's first year grandparents photos0045 baby's first year grandparents photos0046

If I were to plan my perfect afternoon session, it may be with this family.  My third time with Teri & Kevin, my first at their beautiful home.  On this beautiful lake.  With boats, hammocks, and badminton, and amazing acrobatics off the lakes trampoline.  Followed by a sunset tour of their lake on the speed boat! (check out my instagram photo of the sunset – i thought it best to trade my camera for a beer)  Yeah, it was pretty spectacular!  Just like these folks! family lake photos NH Barrington0047 family lake photos NH Barrington0048 family lake photos NH Barrington0049 family lake photos NH Barrington0050 family lake photos NH Barrington0051 family lake photos NH Barrington0052

I wrapped up August photographing a 50th surprise party thrown by one of my favorite personal trainers & friends, Jen.  She put together an amazing event for her husband at Grill 28 on Pease in Portsmouth, NH.  Steve was humbled and as ever in love with Jen as always!
50th Suprise Party Portsmouth NH0053 50th Suprise Party Portsmouth NH0054 50th Suprise Party Portsmouth NH0055 50th Suprise Party Portsmouth NH0056What a wonderful month!

~xoxo melissakoren

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