Southern NH Same Sex Family Photos

Black and White Family Photos

Sometimes I just fall in love with the black and white photos.  Such is the case with these black and white family photos.  These two beautiful children are full of color and pizzazz and the best-darned pajamas I’ve ever seen.  But something about the curls, and the smiles, and the snuggles translated in the black and white images.  

I had enormous amounts of fun with this family.  That sweet little boy with his huge grin, and his older sister who’s in that stage where she wants to emulate everyone.  Taking pictures like me, crawling around like her brother, and then mothering her own baby doll like her mothers.  

My most favorite part of this session was the end (not like that!) The session was over, and sister had had enough of me so she took her baby doll to a quiet spot to give him some TLC. Thankfully that spot was within my line of sight as I was putting on my boots and I was able to grab a few shots of her in her own little world taking tremendous care of her baby.  It was a peek into the day in the life lifestyle shoots I’d like to do this winter.  Where I come and play fly on the wall in your house (sans swatter) and capture amounts that aren’t all attention driven.   Does that sound like something you’d like to try!? Let’s talk! 



Max at turns One! York Maine Family Photos

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