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Commercial – The Willow

The owner’s of a local store asked if I could help them get some shots for their website. With any luck, I’ll take some shots of the inside soon – they’ve got some amazing products!

An old friend of mine, who I chat with occasionally online, asked if I could come and take some pictures of her youngest son as he approached his second birthday. With a day of rain prior ruining our initial plan, we opted to meet up in her front yard after all was dry and let …

After photographing the roaring lion/happy drooly baby – I met up with Stephanie who wanted to get some maternity shots. She barely looks pregnant but at this point she only had 6 weeks left! Wow! Those are amazing. Thank you soooo much. The pictures are so lovely.~Steph

Logan & Family 10.28.07

Leslie & her son Logan, who I photographed a few months ago – were looking to do some family pictures with her sister as well as some 7 month pictures for Logan. Armed with his Halloween costume and prepared to brave the gusty chilly wind, we headed out to play in the leaves!

On a personal note..

A HUUUUUGE part of what fueled my passion for photography was my son. I have been taking him to the parkway in Exeter for some ‘fall pictures’ for 5 years now. This year finding the time was a little tricky because I’ve been so busy (I’m not complaining!) But I finally got the both of …

The Wilson Family 10.14.07

On a slightly chilly day in October we took a long drive through the woods and landed at this gorgeous spot. 4 month old Killian and his parents, Keith & Taylor and I hiked around to a few spots to take in the beauty and take some pictures!

Kate & Marcus are a relaxed, fun loving couple and are so excited about being in love it just radiates from them. I had a wonderful time with them in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH a few weekends ago. Kate had really hoped to find some wonderful foliage for a back drop but try as …

Kim & Brian are one of my wedding couples scheduled for June 2008. They decided to take advantage of my engagement photo option on their wedding agreement and we met up in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH this past weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect; quintessential autumn in New England. We had …

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