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Boston Stay-Cation 02.2010

February Vacation. Bought house: check Moved in: check Made it through holidays: check Still winter: check So what to do?!  We decided to take a mini-vacation to Boston.  And it was the best decision ever. Despite the rain/sleet/deluge that was about w …

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One of those moments.

I’m in awe of my job nearly every day, but there are some days, some moments, when I’m just completely dumbstruck but the awesomeness that I get to be privy to. Like this. As I’m editing Stephanie & Mike’s wedding as fast as I can, this photo came …

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Did you know?

MKP on Facebook! The spot is open for my 100th fan – could it be you?And just in case you were wondering what goes on, this about sums it up.I’m so excited to share shots from the weddings of Kristan & John, Kim & Bryan, Stephanie & Mike, a …

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Just a Sunday Hello

I’m off to pray to the rain gods and shoot Rachel & Jason’s engagement photos – and have some yummy Ice House!But before I go – here’s a hello from Avery. She’s such a peanut – we never have tiny babies in our family and it’s so fun to see somethin …

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A Beautiful Day!

After all the rain yesterday, this morning is a wonderful surprise! Warm and lovely!The weekend forecast promises to be even better, and that’s just fine with me because I have two weddings this weekend!I’m going through wedding withdrawal and SO excit …

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How to celebrate a birthday

Part 1: Let them eat cake.Cake? Cake you say?I like cake -and being nearly 2 I can feed myself with a fork. Small bites are for babies.You know what else is for babies? Forks. I don’t need no stinkin’ fork, it’s just not working fast enough.Aha! See, I …

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MVG Animal Barn!

Part of our morning adventure when we went to the Mountain View Grand was to go down to the barn, on suggestion from our waitress at breakfast (oh, the breakfast! I still have dreams about that buffet!!)It didn’t occur to us to drive down, since we cou …

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Christmas 2008

Christmas!! Our Christmas consists of Christmas Eve at my parents, then back here for a few hours of sleep, then we have Christmas Morning with Benjamin at our house and head back to my mothers and wind up at my Grandmothers house. Nichole acting as th …

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Thanksgiving 11.27.08

This year Thanksgiving (as most things are) was at my parents house. The table was set so festively!My dad has started to acquire quite the collection of guitars!My cousins baby – she’s got intense eyes!Mum & Nichole.Killian rocking out and marchin …

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The scoop

Boy do I owe some posts. Where have I been, slacking? Lazy? Ignoring you all?  Never! Business has been booming!  I had everything under control until I had the misfortune of getting a virus on my computer.  Not the file eating kind, jus …

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