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Winter is a terrible time to take photos. #False! New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

So now that enough time has passed, and we’re nice and warm in the at the beginning of August, I’d like to apologize for the March snowpocolypse that happened.   Here’s how it all went down. We had a brilliantly amazing Summer Prescott Park E …

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Outstanding in their field – NH Family Photos

NH Family Photos

Sweater weather! I love when a session ends with ‘Next year we can’ .. and in the case of these NH Family Photos, they meant maybe take some pictures in their new home.  An undertaking of love that they’ve been working on restoring and making …

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Sarah & Paul: Engaged! Massachusetts Winter Engagement Session

Massachusetts Winter Engagement Session

Sarah and Paul braved the cold for some late-season sunshine during their Massachusetts Winter Engagement Session. We meet down in Randolph, MA on my way home from a photo getaway I attended. Power’s Farm was a fantastic spot! A great little loop throu …

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Megan & Chris: Engaged! Exeter NH Winter Engagement Pictures

Exeter NH Winter Engagement Photos

Boots, Flannel, and Ducks!  Megan & Chris are amazing. They were hoping for snow for their Exeter NH Winter Engagement Pictures, and somehow, it happened! Snow AND sunshine!  We met at Gilman Park – one of my favorites. Tucked away, but f …

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Angela & Andrew: Hampton NH New Year’s Eve Engagement Photos

hampton nh winter engagement

In my getting to know you worksheet for these two Hampton NH New Year’s Eve Engagement Photos lovebirds, I asked Anything else I should know? And their reply – “I don’t know – we’re pretty low-key and weird” <– That, ladies & gentleman, pr …

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Just Because: Love! Exeter NH Just Because Session

Exeter NH Just Because Session

One of the sweetest reasons for a session ever “We are a newly-wed couple, who are looking to start the tradition of holiday pictures, beginning from the two of us to hopefully more of us in the future!” When I received a note from this couple saying t …

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Sarah & Derek Engaged! Portsmouth NH Winter Engagement Photos

Sarah & Derek restored my faith in humanity.  Probably THE MOST embarrassing thing to every happen to me professionally happened when I met them for their Portsmouth NH Winter Engagement Photos. I didn’t have any batteries for my cameras. It’s like …

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Robert! Seacoast NH Baby’s First Year Sessions

Guys. No really, Guys.  This Seacoast NH Baby’s First Year album makes me tear up.  I’ve had so many wonderful adventures with this family! Learning that Jack was going to be a big brother was so exciting!  And from the maternity session to the cake sm …

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This is New England! Seacoast NH Winter Family Photos

Confession: I’m way the ..heck.. behind on blogs. So before you get all up in arms that winter is still nearly a month away (which is what I would do) these three Seacoast NH Winter Family photos were taken LAST winter. New England is so fickle! I have …

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Tamara & Lindsey: Engaged! Newmarket NH

melissa koren photography

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a townie.  Though I was born in Massachusetts, we’ve lived in the Exeter area since I was in 6th grade. I hated it at first. HATED IT.  I mean, what kid wants to be uprooted at the peak of awkwar …

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