New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

Winter is a terrible time to take photos. #False! New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot

So now that enough time has passed, and we’re nice and warm in the at the beginning of August, I’d like to apologize for the March snowpocolypse that happened.   Here’s how it all went down. We had a brilliantly amazing Summer Prescott Park Engagement Shoot and Nicole emailed me on March 4 inquiring about a wonderful New Hampshire Winter Engagement Shoot while they were here visiting from Australia to firm up some wedding plans for later this year.   I replied  “I’d be happy to do a pop up mini session for you guys while you’re home. Just FYI though, we have no snow at all, anywhere.  We’re supposed to get some on Thursday, but with temps in the mid-40s all the next week I don’t think it will stick around.  Let me know what you guys are thinking! :)”  Nicole’s email back “Yes I was wishful we would squeeze a trip in while it was snowing but that is a dream it seems!”

Well, dreams can come true.  That Thursday we got about a foot of snow, and the following week another 18″.  By the time they arrived in the states and we had our shoot, there was still a good amount of snow everywhere.  (I’m happy to report at the time of this writing less than 4 weeks after the initial email, it’s almost all gone again – yay!) But, for the sake of Nicole’s dream, I’m super excited we got to play in the snow! 

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Well isn’t that cozy!? She said to me with perfect annunciation… Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos

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