Southern NH At Home Newborn Session

What if my newborn doesn’t sleep? Southern NH At Home Newborn Session

Let me tell you the story of sweet sweet AJ and his Southern NH At Home Newborn Session.  When I arrived, he was sleeping so soundly.  We took a little stroll outside to their gorgeous lake view and he smiled all the way through his family photos.  Then he started to rouse. 

We decided to feed him and change his diaper. In the meantime, his spunky little cousin made a cameo.  (You may recognize her as the bunny ear wearing baby on the beach from these NH Family Beach Photos 🙂 )  

Once he was fed and dry, he looked sleepy we thought, but no, he just kept on smiling.  Until that wasn’t fun anymore.

Another feeding, and stripped down, and snuggled up and boom. He was asleep! For about 3 minutes.  Then his FOMO kicked in and he kept peeking at us.  Smiling away in his little half sleep dreamworld.  

Then, he wanted another snack.  But no more napping!  He’s just too happy and alert!  And it’s totally ok!  He’s going to be a go-getter, a go-getter that smiles and charms his into (and out of) anything!! 

Sometimes parents get a little stressed out that their baby “won’t cooperate” but babies aren’t meant to cooperate!  I always let them run the show.  At this age, they don’t operate on a schedule, so it’s always ‘go with the flow’, and I’m pretty good at that!  Plus, he’s so full of expressions and the longer he was awake the more of them we were able to capture! 

I never go into a newborn session with any sort of preconceived plan, just the ability to work with what’s happening and make some great memories! 


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