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It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas (tree)

Fall Exeter NH Family Photos

I was walking around the park during my Fall Exeter NH Family Photos and I found it. The holy grail. The ultimate scene. The perfect Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! I was most likely inordinately excited, but all of my families that day played along with …

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Four steps to being an amazing client.

4 Steps to being an amazing client.  1: Don’t sweat the small stuff 2: Embrace your personality and your family’s personality 3: Let your kids be kids  4: Have fun with it! From the very moment I met these amazing parents at their Exeter NH M …

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Let your kids be kids!

This beautiful family always makes me grin from ear to ear.  And these Great Bay Discovery Center Family photos are no exception!  We first met in their Ogunquit LGBT engagement photos, followed by the most romantic same-sex NH Flag Hill Wine …

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New England has crazy weather. But it’s worth it. Durham NH Family Photos

Durham NH Family Photos

I’ve had so many awesome family sessions this month, and this Durham NH Family Photos session is no exception but – August! What in the actual heck!?  We’ve dodged storms, shot through the mist, been humid, hazy, and HOT.  And while …

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Outstanding in their field – NH Family Photos

NH Family Photos

Sweater weather! I love when a session ends with ‘Next year we can’ .. and in the case of these NH Family Photos, they meant maybe take some pictures in their new home.  An undertaking of love that they’ve been working on restoring and making …

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Celebrate Family! East Kingston NH Family Photos

East Kingston NH Family Photos

Drive me around in your golf cart!  I always have a blast with this group and these East Kingston NH Family Photos were no exception!  With a golf course in the family, there’s no shortage of shady nooks and crannies to hunker down in and get …

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Let it snow! Southern NH Winter Family Photos

Southern NH Winter Family Photos

Oh, Winter. We waited. And waited. And waited some more for snow and schedules to align for these Southern NH Winter Family Photos.  The forecast would say one thing; then it would change.  The snow would fall, but the schedules didn’t align …

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Celebrate Family! NH Beach Family Photos

Truth: I hate the phone. I used to completely ignore it when it rang, but I’m trying to be better about answering it! Although,  with the telemarketers getting more clever and using local area codes I’m starting to rethink my commitment to answeri …

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Connor-Watch Me Grow! Massachusetts Cake Smash

Massachusetts Cake Smash

You might remember this little charmer from his Newborn Session – his sweet snuggliness has only become more snuggly and he’s basically mastered his flirty smile at a very early age.  We got together for his 6-month photos and then an epic Massachusett …

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NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes

NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes! It’s no secret I’m behind on blog posts. Roughly 12 months. 100 sessions. 3 kajillion images behind. And the absolutely truth is it stresses me the EFF out.  I’m no wordsmith and my waxing poetic only …

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