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A Very Special Christmas Eve: York ME Christmas Pictures

York ME Christmas PIctures

When all the family is here visiting for 36 hours only, you make some York ME Christmas Pictures happen – even Christmas Eve morning.  Seven Christmas kiddos in their Christmas Jammies! There was so much joy and laughter, and the perfect amount of …

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C! 5 weeks old! Exeter NH At Home Newborn Photos

Exeter NH At Home Newborn Photos

I love to do at home newborn photos.  And no, not just because I don’t have a studio.  Because it’s full of personal touches and the memories that started a new life!  Miss C’s mom reached out for some Exeter NH At Home Newborn Photos of …

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Brothers! Southern NH Christmas Photos – New Hampshire Photographer

Southern NH Christmas Photos

Guys.  I am not one of those ‘countdown to Christmas’ sort of people.  The ones that set up their ribbon chain on July 5th. Or the ones that know exactly how many Saturday shopping days are left between now and the great December 25th.   …

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NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes

NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes! It’s no secret I’m behind on blog posts. Roughly 12 months. 100 sessions. 3 kajillion images behind. And the absolutely truth is it stresses me the EFF out.  I’m no wordsmith and my waxing poetic only …

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NH Family Photography – Christmas Time!

I first met this cherub faced, handsome blue eyed boy when he was 3 months old.  We had a wonderful at home baby shoot where his sweet face light up every photo.  Even the ones where he’s peacefully sleeping in his footie pajamas! Now he’s a big brothe …

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Two Santas & An Elf! Southern NH Family Christmas Pictures

You may remember the (first of many) snowstorm we had just before Thanksgiving.  (Or you may have blocked out anything thing that has to do with snow at all, at this point!) But around these parts it snowed quite a bit of heavy snow, knocking out Thank …

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Baby’s First Christmas Photo Shoot

melissa koren photography

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home! ~ Charles Dickens I’m having the best time g …

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Fall Family Photos – Newburyport, MA Kids Photography

The very first time I talked to this family was in September 2008.  It’s crazy to me to think that it’s been so much time since I started this crazy adventure I now call my job. Just look how much they’ve changed – yet not changed – in 6 years. This ye …

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Sara & Brian: Married! – Phillips Exeter Academy Church & Zorvino Winter Wedding

Sara & Brian are the very definition of bliss.  Sara and I went to school together from 7th grade on and as facebook goes, landed on each other’s friends lists. One night I’m sitting on one side of our local watering hole, poking on my phone, …

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Brenda & Rod Married! A Christmas Eve Eve Story

Brenda & Rod stole away on a quiet Christmas Eve Eve to have a beautiful, small wedding with their family and closest friends at Bethany Church.  The church is always so beautifully decorated, but it’s extra special for Christmas and it was the per …

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