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When you really love Maple Syrup

Before I share this NH newborn photography at home – Here’s a thing about me: I only have 2 photos of me pregnant – both in the last 4 weeks. One is at my baby shower, on Mother’s Day. It was 90 degrees an 300% humidity. I’m flushed, and sweaty. But I …

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When your nursery is this lovely, make sure you have an Exeter NH At Home Newborn Session

Pretty in pink was the theme for this Exeter NH At Home Newborn Session.  All the gentle love and sweetness for this beautiful baby girl who’s already stolen her parents’ hearts.  May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with the fairies an …

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Remember when it was cute that she stuck her tongue out? New Hampshire Newborn Photographer

Seacoast NH Newborn Photography

Sticking your tongue out isn’t necessarily a cute action for a grownup.  Our friend’s toddler gets a time out if she does it.  But when you’re not even two weeks old, and it’s your go to, it’s adorable!  Rosy’s sweet little face was just …

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Sometimes a dog is just a dog and a baby is just a baby. North Shore At Home Newborn Photos

North Shore At Home Newborn Photos

I mean, not JUST a baby – but just the cutest baby ever! Once upon a time, Jenna & Andrew’s number one baby was their puppy.  He was the bowtie-wearing star of their Newburyport Intimate Wedding.  But he was less interested in being a par …

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NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes

NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes! It’s no secret I’m behind on blog posts. Roughly 12 months. 100 sessions. 3 kajillion images behind. And the absolutely truth is it stresses me the EFF out.  I’m no wordsmith and my waxing poetic only …

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Charlotte: 9 Days Old! North Shore At Home Newborn Photography

Less than one month after her mama’s Portsmouth NH Maternity Photos, perfect baby Charlotte made her grand entrance into this world so I headed on down for some North Shore At Home Newborn Photography! As I mentioned before Charlottes parent’s had seen …

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Keilani: 14 days old – Seacoast NH Newborn Photos

Sweet baby Keilani. Glorious Cheif. And rockstar of her seacoast NH newborn photos. I met her mom at the gym, and he older brother Keoni has ham & cheesed all over a mini-session here and there.  Meeting this precious peanut was an absolute pleasur …

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Sweet Baby Lydia! 5 Days Old! NH Newborn Photography

She’s here! She’s here! Little miss Lydia Alex made her debut in June – as I predicted – on my son’s 15th birthday!  He was so excited to learn that some of his favorite people made him a birthday buddy! 😉 Lydia’s appearance has been lo …

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