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The cake smash that wasn’t.

You may remember Mr. Monte’s behind the scenes newborn session – and in the blink of an eye, just like that, it’s time for a NH Cake Smash! … Or not. His sister didn’t really want anything to do with her cake either – you can see her look at us like …

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The number one question I get asked about an at-home newborn session.

Do you bring your own props? I hear that question all the time, and it’s a great question! (As they teach you in school, the only dumb questions are the unasked ones!) The short answer is no, but I do bring everything we need for a successful sess …

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Well isn’t that cozy!? She said to me with perfect annunciation… Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos

Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos

These are Calvin’s newborn photos, but man did his older sister ever keep me laughing at their Concord NH At Home Newborn Photos.  She was ever so proud to show him off to me, and very curious about what we were doing.  I showed her one of my …

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Why I welcome your kids’ ideas … Dover, NH Family Photos

dover, NH family photos

I had so much fun with this family during their Dover, NH family photos over Memorial Day Weekend!  The kids were full of ideas and suggestions, and a few times I heard their parents tell them to just be good listeners and let me do my job.  …

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Massachusetts Family! Stevens Coolidge Estate Family Photographer

stevens coolidge estate family photographer

One of the coolest things about the job?  Referrals from other families.  Another pretty awesome thing about the job?  Learning about new places!  Such as the case with this family session. I would love to be the official Stevens Co …

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Niece & Nephews! Seacoast NH Family Photos (of my family!)

seacoast nh family photos

Sometimes a family is meant to be and they eventually find their way back to each other.  My brother reconnected with a girl from High School and they family they have built together is the stuff that movies are made of.  We got their 4 kids, …

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NH Family Beach Photos at Sunset

These NH Family Beach Photos at Sunset are some of my favorites. Not only favorite images but favorite people.  They were one of the first families to find my humble beginnings of an ad on craigslist way back when.  They are the only fam …

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Southern NH Spring Mini Session

Southern NH Spring Mini Session! What’s a mini-session you say? A mini-session is fun!  I like to call it “mkp lite” – A quick 15-minute session so you can have new photos of this very moment in life. Use it to Freshen up your walls (and social network …

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Southern NH Watch Me Grow Pictures

Souther NH Watch Me Grow

What’s better than family pictures? Family pictures with generations! It’s been so fun photographing this family and their Southern NH Watch Me Grow Pictures. Grandparents make everything better. Oh, spring – I love seeing all that green. (Yesterday’s …

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Sibling Love! Exeter NH Family Photos

Another year, and another incredible Exeter NH Family Photos adventure with my favorite family.  I can rightfully call them my favorites because I have had the extreme honor of photographing them every year since I have been in business.  The …

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