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This. This is how much I love cake.

Hampton NH First Birthday Cake Smash - Baby loves the cake - bab

From his Massachusetts Newborn Photos newborn to one of the most epic cake Hampton NH First Birthday Cake Smash sessions I’ve been a part of – baby Hugh has been full of love and smiles!  You may remember a little while back I talked abo …

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Amelia! Baby’s First Year York, ME Watch Me Grow

Baby's First Year York, ME Watch Me Grow

Miss Amelia! When we last left off with this Baby’s First Year York, ME Watch Me Grow session, Amelia was a star in her sweet squishy York, ME newborn pictures!  Our 6-month session was a walk in the park. Literally! We met up at Gilman Park …

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Baby N at home! Concord NH Baby’s First Year

concord nh babys first year

This sweet baby boy has been so much fun to work with during his four Concord NH Babys First Year sessions. We had some Christmas fun with a stocking and smothered him with smooches. There was snuggling and snoozing, and then he was ready to work …

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Clara! Exeter NH Baby’s First Year Session

exeter nh babys first year

When Clara and I first met at her Exeter NH At Home Newborn Session she didn’t even notice me.  I mean, I wasn’t offended, she was barely a month old and sleepy at the thought of her first Christmas.  But her 6-month and one-year session …

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Southern NH Watch Me Grow Pictures

Souther NH Watch Me Grow

What’s better than family pictures? Family pictures with generations! It’s been so fun photographing this family and their Southern NH Watch Me Grow Pictures. Grandparents make everything better. Oh, spring – I love seeing all that green. (Yesterday’s …

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Eli: Watch Me Grow – NH Baby’s First Year

Who? Who? Mr. Eli is who!  His 6 month and one year NH Baby’s First Year sessions had me in giggles.  His mom has the best outfits (or well, lack of outfit) 😉 for this little heart breaker. Eli wanted nothing but to chew on his toes.  I spent pretty m …

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Lydia! NH Watch Me Grow Photos

You’ve seen her At Home Newborn session, her fantastic Fall Family Photos 4-month-old session, and now the final two sessions of this sweet girl’s NH Watch Me Grow series! From just born to One! Her 8-month-old session was as cute as can be.  She was j …

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Emily! Massachusetts Watch Me Grow Photos

Sweet sweet Emily! It’s been so wonderful getting to know this family!  The first time we met was for their newborn session – little miss was just 10 days old!  After copious snuggles, we parted ways, but only until next time! Happily, Em was signed up …

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Connor: Baby’s First Year! Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photos

Oh, the places you will go! I was so enamored with Connor’s nursery – just another reason I love Massachusetts I was so enamored with Connor’s nursery! Just another reason I love Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photos. Seeing all the attention to detail …

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Lydia: 4 Months Old! Hampton NH Baby’s First Year

Sweet sweet Lydia.  We’ve had the enormous pleasure of calling this family our dear friends and watching this beautiful little girl grow up makes our hearts sing.  It’s crazy how old she is now (and how behind I am on blogs.. but let’s not focus on tha …

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