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Grandpa’s truck! Brentwood NH Family Photos

Brentwood NH Family Photos

Can I tell you how excited I was when I pulled up to these Brentwood NH Family Photos?  I’ve been to Brian & Liz’s house before. I photographed their Portsmouth Harbor Events Wedding a few years back.  Met most of their extended fami …

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Lindsay & Blake: Engaged! NH Fall Engagement Photos

NH Fall Engagement Photos

Oh, Autumn! Sometimes I feel like you’re never going to get here.  Thankfully for these NH Fall Engagement Photos, you showed up!  We still had to get a little creative to use some of your beauty, but I LOVE the results we got.   Li …

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Julia & Rusty: Engaged! Durham NH Fall Engagement Session

Durham NH Fall Engagement Session

I think it might be safe to say, other than my mother, Julia is my biggest fan.  She and Rusty prepped all for their Durham NH Fall Engagement Session by practicing saying silly things to make each other laugh.  Well, whatever the practiced b …

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Atkinson Common! Fall Newburyport Family Photos

The final image of these Newburyport Family Photos is one of the funniest images I’ve ever captured. It’s the stuff that memes are made of.  This wonderful family dodged a few rain drops but with spectacular results.  The dampness and the ove …

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Lydia: 4 Months Old! Hampton NH Baby’s First Year

Sweet sweet Lydia.  We’ve had the enormous pleasure of calling this family our dear friends and watching this beautiful little girl grow up makes our hearts sing.  It’s crazy how old she is now (and how behind I am on blogs.. but let’s not focus on tha …

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Max & Emily: Married! Brookstone Park Derry NH Wedding

Max & Emily found themselves with the ultimate fall afternoon for their Brookstone Park Derry NH Wedding. The sun hit the leaves and set them aglow with the most intense golden hue.  Eva Cassidy rewrote fields of gold to trees of gold (well, she di …

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Sarah & Sam Engaged! Exeter NH Fall Sunset Engagement Session

Sarah & Sam are wonderful.  We were initially scheduled to meet in Portsmouth, but the day of our sessions happened to be the same day the Tall Ships decided to dock – in exactly the same place we were set to meet up, so I quickly got in touch with …

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Maudslay Family Photos

You may recognize the tinier of these two beauties from Teddy & Tabby’s Intimate Wedding at Great Island Common.  She and her parents were one of the elite crowd present to witness their perfectly suited I Dos.  Teddy had mentioned to me next time …

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Mary & Sandy! Exeter NH same-sex fall engagement shoot

Don’t get me wrong; I’m so glad that the lovely spring weather has finally figured itself out, but when I  look at these Exeter NH same-sex fall engagement shoot images, I do get a little excited for what fall has to offer too. Mary & Sandy are suc …

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Baby Girls! NH Cousin Family Session

A NH Cousin Family Session- What’s better than family? These two cousins will grow up knowing they’ve got a huge family that loves them! Did you know you can invite friends to your first-year collections?  Everly and I had a superb NH Newborn Session, …

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