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Surprise! It’s a photo session!

I love a good surprise! And so do the wonderful folks in these Portland Maine East End family photos! They decided to descend upon grandma’s birthday getaway, with a lot of help from grandpa.   Completely unbeknownst to her, her two kids …

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Grandkids keep you young!

Hilton Park Family Photos Dover NH

I’ve made many a journey in this photographer adventure I’ve been on for the past 11 years.  I’ve traveled to California, New Mexico, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut.. and those are just for weddings a …

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The Cabbage Patch Kids – York Maine Family Photos

York Maine Family Photos

I am having SO MUCH fun with all these kids this summer. And these York Maine Family Photos are no exception!  So it’s not actually a cabbage patch (although, maybe there are cabbage in there!?).  This wonderful property belongs to some …

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Follow the fellow who follows a dream – Look to the rainbow!

York Maine family vacation photos

In another New England, ‘if you don’t like the weather wait a minute’ moment, these York Maine family vacation photos played dodge the rain clouds! We adjusted the time throughout the day trying to work around the impending storms. Like any great …

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New England has crazy weather. But it’s worth it. Durham NH Family Photos

Durham NH Family Photos

I’ve had so many awesome family sessions this month, and this Durham NH Family Photos session is no exception but – August! What in the actual heck!?  We’ve dodged storms, shot through the mist, been humid, hazy, and HOT.  And while …

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What if my newborn doesn’t sleep? Southern NH At Home Newborn Session

Southern NH At Home Newborn Session

Let me tell you the story of sweet sweet AJ and his Southern NH At Home Newborn Session.  When I arrived, he was sleeping so soundly.  We took a little stroll outside to their gorgeous lake view and he smiled all the way through his fami …

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The Gang’s All Here! Exeter NH Family Photos

This group is no stranger to my camera – or to me.  Most of them have known me since I was 7.  With half the family in Western Mass and half the family in Maine it made sense for them to meet up near me for their Exeter NH Family Photos. …

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A Very Special Christmas Eve: York ME Christmas Pictures

York ME Christmas PIctures

When all the family is here visiting for 36 hours only, you make some York ME Christmas Pictures happen – even Christmas Eve morning.  Seven Christmas kiddos in their Christmas Jammies! There was so much joy and laughter, and the perfect amount of …

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Niece & Nephews! Seacoast NH Family Photos (of my family!)

seacoast nh family photos

Sometimes a family is meant to be and they eventually find their way back to each other.  My brother reconnected with a girl from High School and they family they have built together is the stuff that movies are made of.  We got their 4 kids, …

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Celebrate Family! Late Summer Exeter NH Family Photos

Guys. I’m the lucky one. This job of mine. It’s just crazy.  I’m sitting in FL, where I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for photography. Yesterday’s wedding was so full of good people.  And good fathers. Good Uncles. Brotherly bonds. Loving, strong, …

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