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Wentworth By the Sea Wedding | May the Fourth be With You.

intimate wedding at the wentworth by the sea

and also with you. I learned so many wonderful things about Julie & Tom during their intimate Wentworth By the Sea wedding. So much of it was unspoken. The way they truly see each other when they make eye contact. They listen whole-heartedly and wi …

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A few questions from my favorite planner.

Secoast Science Center Wedding-032

I had the honor of being interviewed by my favorite Wedding & Event Planner, Nicole Mower. Nicole and I go way back. She found me in 2010 and asked me to photographer her stunning Bailey Island Wedding. We hit it off right away, and she and her hus …

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Row, Row, Row your boat!

Odiorne Point Sunset engagement photograph in Rye, NH

I like people who take action.  Dave proposed to Summer, and she pretty much immediately jumped on the task of finding an engagement photographer at rye, NH to complete her Odiorne Point Boat Launch Sunset NH Engagement Session vision! (damn, that was …

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Surprise! It’s a photo session!

I love a good surprise! And so do the wonderful folks in these Portland Maine East End family photos! They decided to descend upon grandma’s birthday getaway, with a lot of help from grandpa.   Completely unbeknownst to her, her two kids …

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Free to be three!

What’s so fun about having a strange lady tell you to stand still and smile?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It’s kind of creepy actually.  You know what’s more fun?  As evidenced by this Short Sands Maine family session? Runn …

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Rule number one in family photos: Be flexible!

Ogunquit Maine Cousins Beach Session

Like every summer, there seems to always be a stretch of time when everything gets rained out.  Well, this Ogunquit Maine Cousins Beach Session crew was on top of it and super happy and flexible to change their shoot to the morning since there was …

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How do you celebrate 40 amazing years together!?

Cliff House Maine Family Photo Session - Melissa Koren Photography

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes two beautiful children, two kids in law, and two fantastic grandchildren.  The next thing you know, it’s 40 years later and you’re not sure where the time went. I mean, you’re not any older, so how …

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Eva & Greg: Married! Rockport MA Wedding at The Emerson Inn

Rockport MA Wedding at The Emerson Inn

It poured and poured my whole drive down to the Rockport MA Wedding at The Emerson Inn.  This quaint little inn by the sea with the lovely stone gardens was a little soggy, but that didn’t stop us from making the most of it.  The florists at …

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Angela & Andrew: Hampton NH New Year’s Eve Engagement Photos

hampton nh winter engagement

In my getting to know you worksheet for these two Hampton NH New Year’s Eve Engagement Photos lovebirds, I asked Anything else I should know? And their reply – “I don’t know – we’re pretty low-key and weird” <– That, ladies & gentleman, pr …

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Celebrate Family! NH Beach Family Photos

Truth: I hate the phone. I used to completely ignore it when it rang, but I’m trying to be better about answering it! Although,  with the telemarketers getting more clever and using local area codes I’m starting to rethink my commitment to answeri …

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