Wentworth By the Sea Wedding | May the Fourth be With You.

and also with you.

I learned so many wonderful things about Julie & Tom during their intimate Wentworth By the Sea wedding. So much of it was unspoken. The way they truly see each other when they make eye contact. They listen whole-heartedly and with true attention. How they protect and love everyone they care about, especially their three wonderful children. That they laugh with their whole hearts and smile in a way that you can tell it’s coming from somewhere deeper than the ocean.

Some of it was in the form of words however. They’re adventurous. They love to travel and ride Harleys. They were engaged on a Star Wars Cruise. Julie wanted to keep the box her ring came in – Tom tried to tell her to just throw it away. Turns out, her wedding band was in the box, too!

Good instincts, Julie!

They hit a few false starts in planning their wedding and finding a date that worked so that as many of their close friends and family could be there. All of a sudden, the planets aligned, and everyone was available on 5/4. May 4th. May the 4th be with you. Star Wars Day. As in the cruise, where they were engaged. It was meant to be!

The weather was perfect for their outdoor garden ceremony, the sun filtered through the clouds letting its beams stream through in a way my grandmother always referred to as God’s Fingers. A way to know that you were being held and loved by those no longer with us.

The Wentworth by the Sea wedding ceremony suited them to a T, and the reception at Latitudes was set to perfection! (I mean, really, I saw cheese and peanut M&Ms and knew I was in the right place)

Congratulations Julie & Tom! I’m so glad I was able to share a piece of your evening with you!

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