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Wentworth By the Sea Wedding | May the Fourth be With You.

intimate wedding at the wentworth by the sea

and also with you. I learned so many wonderful things about Julie & Tom during their intimate Wentworth By the Sea wedding. So much of it was unspoken. The way they truly see each other when they make eye contact. They listen whole-heartedly and wi …

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Just when I thought I’d seen it all!

Winter Exeter Inn Wedding

I absolutely love photographing weddings. And seeing all the fun and love and planning that you’ve been working on come to life. And a Winter Exeter Inn Wedding never disappoints. Brianne & Michael’s wedding had an element I’ve NEVER seen before. E …

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As my world turns – Mark & Kelly – Married! An intimate backyard wedding. Portsmouth, NH

An intimate backyard wedding. Portsmouth, NH

Let me tell you the tale of An intimate backyard mirco-wedding. Portsmouth, NH.  It’s also a tale of how we’re all connected. Many moons ago, I worked for a real estate office, there was a very nice gentleman there and we worked together for …

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How to have the perfect intimate micro-wedding in Portsmouth, NH Mombo Wedding

Portsmouth, NH Mombo Wedding

So you want to have the perfect intimate micro-wedding?. And do you want to make it special with a wedding photographer at Portsmouth, NH?  Follow these 4 easy steps! Fall in love (the head over heels, pulse racing, I only have eyes for you kind) Decid …

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Sue & Greg: A Vow Renewal Ogunquit Maine Wedding

ogunquit maine wedding

Sue & Greg’s daughter in law contacted me to ask if I was available for their Ogunquit Maine Wedding – or rather their Ogunquit Maine Vow Renewal!  The whole family was getting together to celebrate and they had a lovely ceremony in an oceansi …

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Cit & Jason: Married! Benson Park Hudson NH Intimate Wedding

NH Fall Offbeat Bride Wedding

Cit & Jason planned a very DIY Benson Park Hudson NH Intimate Wedding.  A weekday wedding! (Please, have more weddings on weekdays guys, they’re the best!) We met up late 2015 for early 2016 plans.  Things happen, as they’re bound to do a …

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Rhiannon & Justin: Married! Intimate Fuller Gardens Wedding

Engaged for 5 months, but together for 5 years, Rhiannon & Justin were so excited about their Fuller Gardens Micro-Wedding with WHYM reception.  They’re long time friends of Lydia’s parents (also WHYM’s owners ;)) And everyone was pretty stoke …

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Kate & Jake Elope! NH Spring Oceanside Wedding at Odiorne

NH Spring Oceanside Wedding

Kate & Jake Eloped!  Some of my favorite emails are Tuesday morning notes that say – ‘Hi, we love your work.  We’re eloping on Saturday and you’re exactly what we’re looking for. Please say you’re free!’ And thankfully I was! It would hav …

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Meredith & Jon: An Intimate Newburyport Fall Wedding

Meredith & Jon contacted me about their Intimate Newburyport Fall Wedding, and I was happy to be of service. The plans of Maudslay State Park for the first-look, Inn Street Playground where they first met for some family photos, Newburyport To …

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