Portsmouth, NH Mombo Wedding

How to have the perfect intimate micro-wedding in Portsmouth, NH Mombo Wedding

So you want to have the perfect intimate micro-wedding?. And do you want to make it special with a wedding photographer at Portsmouth, NH?  Follow these 4 easy steps!

  1. Fall in love (the head over heels, pulse racing, I only have eyes for you kind)
  2. Decide to get married (elaborate engagement story optional)
  3. Ask your best friend who knows you as a couple better than any other to officiate (how to do that in NH)
  4. Be a grand total of 13 people – boom! intimate!

Rachel & Mark got married on the steps of Mombo in a perfectly them ceremony late in April. April is one of my top 12 months to get married! (And the one my wife and I chose for our wedding!).

Have a look at these Amazing Micro-Wedding Photographs in Portsmouth, NH.

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