Durham, NH Three Chimneys Inn Spring Wedding

How do you keep tears at bay on your wedding day? Nate & Acacia: Married Durham, NH Three Chimneys Inn Spring Wedding

Everything about Nate and Acacia’s Durham, NH Three Chimneys Inn Spring Wedding was so personal and so well thought out.  Even though they were planning from afar, these two UNH graduates knew that Durham, NH was the place for them to be married. 
They lived three doors down from each other during their freshman year in the honors dorm at the University of New Hampshire. Fate was in the mix because neither were actually in the honors program and struck up a conversation about how strange it was they’d both been placed there.  They quickly became close friends and developed tight-knit bonds with their other neighbors. (There was a lot of talk (and replication) of the candy bowls that Acacia’s mother used to send over to the dorms.. candy helps to make friends!) A year later they started dating and the rest is history. 
They love to hike, bike, jog, travel, sightsee, and play board games with friends.  A nightly relaxation routine includes ice cream and an episode or two of Star Trek. They LOVE to be outdoors and miss the White Mountains dearly. Their toasts were full of references to their adventures together. Particularly her dad’s speech when he mentioned how his little girl was climbing the 4000 footers (33 of the 40 complete I believe!) and he would ask her to check in when she was leaving and when she got back.  But as the adventures went on, he realized that he was less and less worried about her because he was sure that Nate was her partner in all things and taking good care of her.  *cue sobbing* 
Everything about their wedding was full of my favorite combination of romance and sass.  Their network of family and friends is top notch and it’s obvious that they have a love for each other, and a support system to rely on always be there for them, no matter where they travel! And with Nathan just getting his Naval Aviator wings, (Congratulations!!) I’m sure their best adventures are yet to come! 
To keep themselves from crying before the ceremony they would roar like dinosaurs if they started to tear up. It always scared me a little then put me in a fit of laughter.  If you look through, you’ll see it happen! 🙂 
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