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Looking back to where it began.

I’ve been reminiscing lately. Thinking back on this crazy, wild, ride that’s led me to where I am today. A professional NH Based photographer. A 12-years-since-I-first-sold-a-photo, full-time-for-6-years-next-month NH Based photographer at that. Still …

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How to have the perfect intimate micro-wedding in Portsmouth, NH Mombo Wedding

Portsmouth, NH Mombo Wedding

So you want to have the perfect intimate micro-wedding?. And do you want to make it special with a wedding photographer at Portsmouth, NH?  Follow these 4 easy steps! Fall in love (the head over heels, pulse racing, I only have eyes for you kind) Decid …

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Katie & Lowell: Southern NH Backyard Tented Wedding

This wasn’t just any Southern NH Backyard tented wedding – Katie & Lowell’s wedding took place at Lowell’s family home that’s been a part of their story for generations.  The spectacular edifice is even a registered historical landmark! Katie & …

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Gwen & Chris: Promises, Parasols & Pie!

In their words.. the first picture. She: Is the prettiest girl I have ever met.  She is gentle and feminine in everything she does.  She always wears dresses, even when it is cold out just because she knows I like dresses.  She loves to …

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Cat & Tony: Love in an Apple Orchard

Cat & Tony are people that smile with their soul.  You can just feel their love and exuberance pouring out of them.  It’s an amazing thing to be around! Swoon worthy details of ‘here comes the bride’ and smores favors for the guests.  A cake made w …

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Elisha & Adam : Spring Wedding in Hudson, NH

Elisha works with my magician (hairdresser) Dori at Sapphire Salon in Hudson.  She used to tell me that “someday” when she “finally” got married I was photographing her wedding, no matter what.  Even if I had to come out of retirement 😉  Luckily for a …

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Katie & Kellen: Married May 2012 | Dimond Hill Farm – Concord, NH Wedding

After braving New England temperatures the first week of January for some gorgeous winter engagement photos, Katie & Kellen were rewarded with the most perfect of May days for their stunning wedding at Dimond Hill Farm in Concord, NH.  With vibrant …

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