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Looking back to where it began.

I’ve been reminiscing lately. Thinking back on this crazy, wild, ride that’s led me to where I am today. A professional NH Based photographer. A 12-years-since-I-first-sold-a-photo, full-time-for-6-years-next-month NH Based photographer at that. Still …

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More than just a wedding day photographer.

Concord NH At Home Newborn Session

Before I forget, you have to go check out the cross-stitched sonogram! It’s astounding!  Now on to it – Friends, I can’t tell you how much this Concord NH At Home Newborn Session means to me.  I first photographed Sarah and Sam for their …

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Baby Nathan! 3.5 Weeks Old: Massachusetts Newborn Photos

Massachusetts Newborn Photos

I often get asked when is the best time to schedule your newborn session.  There is a sweet spot between 6-10 days where it seems like they’re they most sleepy and the umbilical cord has maybe fallen off, but I’ve done them as early as 30 minutes …

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Baby Jameson: 8 days old! Dover NH At Home Newborn Photos

Dover NH At Home Newborn Photos

Jameson completes the trilogy!  I have had the absolute honor of photographing Dover NH At Home Newborn Photos for his brother and sister. Along came little man and now they are three! They are one of the best families I know.  They all seem …

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Baby Hugh! 9 days old: Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photography

Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photography

Baby Hugh! A more awaited panda cub has seldom been seen!  After sharing a wonderful time with his parents at their Nubble light Engagement Session (and ice cream date) and their Danversport Yacht Club wedding, I was overjoyed when they …

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Baby Quinn! NH Maternity & At Home Newborn Photos

All babies are cute, but Quinn.. I shouldn’t have favorites, but as far as babies go, she’s probably one of the prettiest newborns I’ve ever seen.  And her parents aren’t so bad either.  We’d had a lot of laughs along the way. From their …

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Alex: 22 Days Old

I like to try and shoot newborn photos with in the first 10 days of baby being born, since that’s when their most apt to sleep through ANYTHING once their out cold.  But honestly, it’s pretty hard to get the cards to fall into place like that.  “Call t …

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Graham: 3 months old! | Children's Photography Dover, NH

Graham is the sweetest, most smiley, mellow fantastic baby.  After meeting his mum and dad through a mutual friend (we’re all suckers for good karaoke) I was excited when they shared the great news that they were expecting, and completely thrilled when …

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Sawyer: 7 Days Old | Exeter, NH Newborn Photography

Prepare yourself for one of the sweetest little faces ever. Sawyer’s mom Becky emailed me when she was 32 weeks along and we got everything set in place – all we needed was the baby!  Well, he finally arrived and I was so excited when she emailed me to …

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