Winter Exeter Inn Wedding

Just when I thought I’d seen it all!

I absolutely love photographing weddings. And seeing all the fun and love and planning that you’ve been working on come to life. And a Winter Exeter Inn Wedding never disappoints.

Brianne & Michael’s wedding had an element I’ve NEVER seen before.

Each guest’s table had their own wedding cake.

No big singular cake for them to cut while everyone else eagerly awaited their slice of sweetness.

No individual cupcakes that you have to get up and get.

A whole cake. The centerpiece of the table. Just waiting to be cut into.

It’s brilliant.

No need for expensive floral displays that will either be left behind, or taken home to enjoy but only for a fleeting amount of time. No trying to scour every yard sale and antique shop for individual vases, mason jars or otherwise to create a tablescape.

You put a delicious, simply decorated cake in the middle of your guests’ tables and you’ll have edible beauty with no need to see what creative way the DJ has to get rid of… er… give away the centerpiece!

When I arrived for the wedding, Brianne was completely calm and collected. Her first question, however, was “Are my cakes here?” I was happy to be able to reply and emphatic YES and that they looked amazing.

Also, this one time, I wished I were a guest 😉

This intimate Winter Exeter Inn Wedding was so full of personalizations and love for each individual guest. Everyone who attended was treated to not only their own cake but also individualized gifts! Talk about thinking outside the box (or inside the box, because the gifts were all in boxes… but you get the point).

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day after Christmas with you, friends! Thank you for having me and I wish you all the best!

Officiant: Cindy Lovett Brown
Venue: The Exeter Inn
Florist: Lyndsey Loring
Cake/Dessert: Jacques Fine Pastries
Hair: Jenn Macek Conway
Makeup: Mel Conroy

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