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A few questions from my favorite planner.

I had the honor of being interviewed by my favorite Wedding & Event Planner, Nicole Mower.

Nicole and I go way back. She found me in 2010 and asked me to photographer her stunning Bailey Island Wedding.

We hit it off right away, and she and her husband, Haven, have been a part of our lives ever since. I did a little spotlight on her a while back.

She also had the brilliant idea to keep the wedding and even planning going after she got married, and as such, Nicole Mower Weddings & Events was born!

She likes to introduce her clients to her favorite vendors, and I’m so grateful to be on that list! Here are a few images for our most recent Seacoast Science Center wedding, followed by some fun tidbits she wondered about yours truly!

The last tip is the MOST important!

NMWE: How did you become a part of this industry?

Melissa Koren: Fate? I was asked by a friend of the family if I’d like to shoot his daughter’s 2007 wedding. The wedding happened to be in NJ and happened to be the day before my 29th birthday. I woke up the next day, alone in a hotel room in NJ on my birthday, and knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. #latebloomer

NMWE: What sets you apart? / What is your most valued feature about your business?

Melissa: My couples. My couples are bad ass, loving, adventurous and of course, amazing. They value a photographer whose priority is recording their love in all it’s amazingness. A photographer whose focus is on the feeling of the day and not just the details for their portfolio. Melissa Koren

NMWE: What keeps you passionate and motivated?

Melissa: My couples. The new places I see. The people I meet. The amazing vendors like NMWE I get to work with. And seeing so many of my couples become families as their adventures continue!

NMWE: What are your desired types of couples?

Melissa: They’re full of adventure. They work in professions where they give back. They’re close with their families. They’re putting their own money and hard work into this wedding. They laugh a lot. And mostly they’re pretty hilarious.

NMWE: Do you have a past favorite wedding? If yes, why is it your favorite?

Melissa: My favorite weddings often end up being the ones where not everything goes right. The florist is 3 hours late because they went to the wrong venue, or it rains with no backup plan and we splashed barefoot in puddles. All of my couples are unique, but when there’s an unforeseen circumstance to overcome, the spontaneity can be even more great!

NMWE: What is your best piece of advice or tip for couples planning a wedding?

Melissa: Remember it’s your wedding. In the end, no matter what happens, you’ll be married and celebrating your love. Don’t feel pressured to ‘do what everyone else does’ or fall prey to the pinterest rabbit hole. Hire professionals you enjoy and trust. Don’t let your mothers get the best of you. Don’t let your wedding party compare your wedding to theirs. Your individuality is what attracted you to each other and makes you who you are as a couple. Celebrate being you! Melissa Koren Photography


Looking back to where it began.

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