Maudslay Family Photos

You may recognize the tinier of these two beauties from Teddy & Tabby’s Intimate Wedding at Great Island Common.  She and her parents were one of the elite crowd present to witness their perfectly suited I Dos.  Teddy had mentioned to me next time I saw him that they were going to schedule a session with me.  To be honest, I hear this a lot. And I’m grateful for the thought. But I’m even more excited when I get an email to schedule!  And so I give you, their Maudslay Family Photos!

Maudslay State Park is a wonderful place. For a walk, a run, a photo session. It offers plenty of trails and some fun outbuildings.  There’s always shade to be found and in the fall, the colors are off the charts. I love visiting new locations, and when families have spaces that are special to them, we work with that, but for lack of a more personal idea, Maudslay is my go to.

These two are 9 and 2 and already the best of friends.  I have the same age gap between my cousin and I remember the same sort of fond mothering (and torturing) as we grew up.  Now she’s married with three kids and although I don’t see her QUITE as often as I’d like (she’s busy with three kids!) we still have an incredible relationship that I cherish.  These two are on a great trajectory.
Maudslay Family Photos 00So cute!
Maudslay Family Photos 01 Bookended by brothers!Maudslay Family Photos 02 Look at the sweetness in these families!Maudslay Family Photos 03 And the light – the dancing magic light!Maudslay Family Photos 04 Maudslay Family Photos 06 Peekaboo!Maudslay Family Photos 05 The most important thing to remember about pictures is to be connected.  Look at how everyone is gently in contact with everyone else!Maudslay Family Photos 07 Maudslay Family Photos 08 Maudslay Family Photos 09

These Maudslay Family Photos were such a pleasure!


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