Lydia: 4 Months Old! Hampton NH Baby’s First Year

Sweet sweet Lydia.  We’ve had the enormous pleasure of calling this family our dear friends and watching this beautiful little girl grow up makes our hearts sing.  It’s crazy how old she is now (and how behind I am on blogs.. but let’s not focus on that) Instead, let’s enjoy the 4-month installment of Lydia’s Hampton NH Baby’s First Year session! (Remember their Rye NH Maternity Session and their Hampton NH newborn session?)

Hampton NH Baby's First Year 00 Gretchin, Lydia’s mom, teases how Lyd has turned into quite the fashionista but the wheels were obviously set in motion well before she even knew that clothes were a thing. Grey, gold & a soft purple? Ahead of her time!Hampton NH Baby's First Year 01 Would you look at that face!? Hampton NH Baby's First Year 02I miss when she was this little and I could just snuggle her and swing her to sleep. *sigh*
Hampton NH Baby's First Year 03 Hampton NH Baby's First Year 04 This so reminds me of Pat the Bunny and ‘daddy’s scratchy face’ <3Hampton NH Baby's First Year 05 Hello happy family!Hampton NH Baby's First Year 06 Hampton NH Baby's First Year 07

The only ‘tough’ thing about photographing baby’s first year is that it gets harder and harder to come up with new things to say about how wonderful a family they are.  And for the purposes of an ‘effective blog post’ you need to have at least 300 words.

For my next 100 words, I’ll tell you I’ve just started watching the Netflix series, Jessica Jones.  I’ve always loved Marvel movies, I’m particularly fond of X-Men – I’ve been avoiding this for whatever reason, and 8 episodes in (just today..) I’m very much enjoying it! It’s not safe for kids, but it’s well done and superbly designed for binge-watching.  It also works pretty well as sideline entertainment.  I can have a general idea of what’s going on without really having to stop and watch all that often.  My ipad and I make some good (and some very bad) viewing choices.  I’m happy I caved at this one today!

305 words. Till next time friends!

xoxo~ melissakoren


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