concord nh babys first year

Baby N at home! Concord NH Baby’s First Year

This sweet baby boy has been so much fun to work with during his four Concord NH Babys First Year sessions. We had some Christmas fun with a stocking and smothered him with smooches. There was snuggling and snoozing, and then he was ready to work out! 😉 With the warmer weather came visits from extended family near and far, and finally a 9-month session of ‘Just us three’.  This happy little man has the whole world ahead of him, and with the sparkle that in his eye, I know he’s going to conquer it with grace and charisma!  

are like 
kites. You 
spend a lifetime
trying to get them 
off the ground. You 
run with them until you 
are both breathless ~ they 
crash ~ You add a larger tail 
~ they lift the rooftop. ~ You 
pluck them out of the spout ~ you 
patch and comfort, assure them that
someday they will fly! ~ Finally they 
are airborne, but they need more string. 
~ You keep letting the string out but
with each twist of the ball of twine
there is some sadness along with
the joy. The kite becomes more 
distant and somehow you know 
it will not be long before 
your beautiful child will 
snap the life line that
bound you together 
and soar as he 
was meant to
(author unknown)
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