Aly & Brian: Married! Whitney’s Inn Jackson NH Spring Wedding

Nature. Family. Mountains.  This Whitney’s Inn Jackson NH Spring Wedding had all that and more!  (Adventure, daring, trust, an amazing band) 

Nothing says I love you more than a referral. Wait, that’s not quite right, but when Aly & Brian contacted me to say they were getting married, and that Brian was a groomsman in Will & Maggie’s NH Barn Wedding, and they wanted me – well, I couldn’t have been more touched!   

Aly & Brian are about as outdoorsy adventurous as you can get.  They met in college but each studied abroad so much they didn’t actually get to know each other until their final semester.  When I asked them if there was anything else I should know about them or their wedding plans, the answer was “If we’re not outside, we’d rather be!” 

Their wedding day was everything I could have hoped for and more.  Aly’s simple yet stunning dress, their bouquet & boutonnieres made of pages from their favorite books, climbing barefoot on the ledge of the barn, and then scaling the Wildcat Brook and centering themselves amidst Jackson Falls.  My favorite words from a couple – Do you trust us??  #efyes! 

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