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A whole new world!

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm Family Photos

Sorry for the earworm, but HOLY GUACAMOLE.  There are countless times that I’ve discovered new spots within an hour of home thanks to my wonderful clients, but these Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm Family Photos may take the cake. (Also, the t …

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Can I get all 5 cousins to look at the camera together!? Wiggly Bridge Family Photos – York Maine Photographer

Wiggly Bridge Family Photos - York Maine Photographer

The Wiggly Bridge held no candle to the wiggly kids in this Wiggly Bridge Family Photos – York Maine Photographer session.  But it was SO much fun.  Two families, five cousins, one theme: A picture for the grandparents.  With 5 kids unde …

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Amelia! Baby’s First Year York, ME Watch Me Grow

Baby's First Year York, ME Watch Me Grow

Miss Amelia! When we last left off with this Baby’s First Year York, ME Watch Me Grow session, Amelia was a star in her sweet squishy York, ME newborn pictures!  Our 6-month session was a walk in the park. Literally! We met up at Gilman Park …

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York ME Maternity Newborn Session

York Me Maternity Newborn Session

Oh, baby! The love, the light, the snuggles!  This York ME Maternity Newborn Session has me swooning!  We met up for some baby bump photos at the fantastic Tonry Tree Farm in Exeter, NH.  The folks here were so nice and so responsive to …

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Cara & Dan: Married! Maine Sunset Stageneck Inn Wedding

Sunset Stageneck Inn Wedding

Cara emailed me about a Sunset Stageneck Inn Wedding and her plans for marrying Dan sounded just perfect.  We met up for a delicious margarita (or two) and hit it off! When I asked Cara what she was most excited about leading up to the weddin …

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Chey & Scott: A York Maine Lobster in the Rough Wedding

Facebook has it’s crazy moments, but it’s full of awesome too.  Especially when I get emails like this:  “I hope you are enjoying the spring so far!  We have met in person a few times but are also facebook friends.  I am getting married on September 20 …

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Angela & Evan: A York Dockside Wedding

Angela & Evan are sweet as pie.  And their grey & yellow wedding was simply stunning!  Another collaboration with awesome wedding planner Nicole Mower, the day was bound to be perfection – and it was! The newlyweds wrote the kindest r …

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Tracie & Rob: Married! | York, ME Wedding Photography

I must confess, I’ve told a lie.  Turns out Lauren & Pat’s Gunstock Mountain Wedding was NOT my last wedding of 2011. After a wonderful family session turned engagement session at Wagon Hill in Durham in September I was beyond thrilled when Tracie …

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Julia & Steve: Married! 08.06.11 | York, ME Wedding Photographer

Absolutely Giddy. That’s what comes to mind when I think of Julia & Steve on their wedding day. On a beautiful Saturday, smack dab in the middle of the dog days of summer, these two tied the knot.  After 20 + years of sharing their lives, it was ti …

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Nicole & Shawn: Married! 06.18.11 | York, ME Wedding Photography

Nicole and Shawn were married on a gorgeous, picture perfect, amazing, spectacular, wonderful day.  THREE months ago.  And the Tale of the Delinquent Blogger continues.  (Funny, the header of their engagement session starts with the same ‘sad song’, ha …

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