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A whole new world!

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm Family Photos

Sorry for the earworm, but HOLY GUACAMOLE.  There are countless times that I’ve discovered new spots within an hour of home thanks to my wonderful clients, but these Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm Family Photos may take the cake. (Also, the t …

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What if my kids don’t want to cooperate!? Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Vacation Rental Ogunquit Maine Family Vacation Photos

Ogunquit Maine Family Photos are always fun!  But sometimes, kids just want to have fun. (Girs too, but that’s not what this is about) …  It’s not easy being a kid. The adults want you to do one thing, and you’re just figuring out how …

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Maine Vacation Photographer – Marginal Way Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Marginal Way Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

This is probably one of my favorite sessions as a Maine vacation photographer, ever. I’m obsessed with every one of these Marginal Way Ogunquit Maine Family Photos. I don’t know if it was the family, the brown eyes, the lighting, or just the littlest o …

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Let there be vacation! Marginal Way Family Photos

Marginal Way Family Photos

Vacation!  A time to get away with your loved ones.  Maybe you all live in different parts of the country and meet up to share time together.  Maybe your grandparents that have a summer home or grandkids that grew up on the beach.  …

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Celebrate Family! Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Oh to be young, and not just young at heart.  Family sessions always give me a good workout and the resistance of the sand definitely adds to the calorie burn 🙂  That said, there are fewer things that exhibit pure bliss more than letting kid …

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Lindsey & Megan: Engaged! | Ogunquit ME Sunrise Engagement Shoot

It’s amazing how fast spring can sproing. (yes, sproing).  Just a few short weeks after Sam & Josh’s fantastic winter wonderland engagement shoot in the snow, I found myself checking another experience off my photographer’s bucket list. The sunrise …

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DJ Jodi @ Maine Street Ogunquit

DJ Jodi’s reputation had far proceeded her when I finally met her back in October after literally years of people I know attending her events. Finally working together on Saturday February 2nd, I went to work with at the fabulous Maine Street Ogunquit …

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