Lydia! NH Watch Me Grow Photos

You’ve seen her At Home Newborn session, her fantastic Fall Family Photos 4-month-old session, and now the final two sessions of this sweet girl’s NH Watch Me Grow series!

From just born to One!
Her 8-month-old session was as cute as can be.  She was just learning to stand holding on to things and looked like a perfect little doll! And four months later it was her birthday!  She was still pretty sure she needed to hold on to things to be steady (even though she didn’t) but the ‘hot air balloon’ mum made her gave her the confidence she needed and the flower in the other hand tricked her into thinking she was holding one with both hands.
One Love! <3  We tried a little cake smashing, but it didn’t go over so well.  She was happier with the grass.
And even happier (or at least more curious) when a friend stopped by with some new baby chicks!She was pretty content with her Birthday Buddy Benjamin, too.  My GIANT child who’s just as smitten with this tiny peanut as the rest of us.  Ages 1 and 16!
And one last look at this sweet face 52 weeks apart. <3 <3 

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NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes

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