NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes

NH Family Photos – What a difference a year makes!

It’s no secret I’m behind on blog posts. Roughly 12 months. 100 sessions. 3 kajillion images behind. And the absolutely truth is it stresses me the EFF out.  I’m no wordsmith and my waxing poetic only leads to snark and sass with a smattering of poor grammar.  But all my mkpeeps deserve some blog love!

Ever the Pollyanna, though – there’s always a silver lining. And that lining happens to be that for so MANY of my families, I’ve come full circle and can share with you, my own version of a time machine- and a glimpse into love that’s constantly growing.

And in this case, a family who’d grown – our first get-together was for newborn brother’s welcome to the world photos.  Have you ever seen a more wonderful pig pile!?nh-family-photos-000 And almost a year later we braved the wind and tested out their new to them barn for some great light and fun kids being kids moments!nh-family-photos-001 nh-family-photos-002 nh-family-photos-003 nh-family-photos-004 nh-family-photos-005One thing that remains constant – these three sisters love to compete over who gets to hold baby brother!
nh-family-photos-006 nh-family-photos-007 nh-family-photos-008

There is no shortage of laughs and snuggles in this family.  It’s a pleasure to be a part of it for even just an hour or so a year!

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