The number one question I get asked about an at-home newborn session.

Do you bring your own props?

I hear that question all the time, and it’s a great question! (As they teach you in school, the only dumb questions are the unasked ones!)

The short answer is no, but I do bring everything we need for a successful session.  However, I highly encourage the use of anything you might want to use! And when I arrived at this Durham NH At Home Newborn Session, they were ready with SO MUCH FUN! 

The sweet sign, the Tonka truck (it’s my second baby in a Tonka Truck!) and my most favorite, the teeny tiny radio flyer!  These were all things that this fantastic family had on hand.  It’s my second newborn session with them, Mr. Construction Hat, was once NH At Home Newborn Session Mr. Fox & Moose, so I knew I was in for a lovely morning, but guys – that radio flyer!

So while I don’t have these awesome sorts of vehicles and signs on hand, I do have the blankets, supports, and pillows to help make them safe props on hand. 

I also have the know-how and experience to keep your precious cargo safe while we make some fun “remember when you were so tiny you fit in a dump truck” images!  Oh, and patience.  Because in all honesty, that’s the number one thing you NEED for a good newborn session <3 

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