Happiness is …. Hampton NH Family Photos

Happiness is …. 

A boy & his family

A boy & his Adirondack chair

A boy in just a bandana & diaper on a hobbie horse

A boy in just carhartt overalls eating dirt & playing with chickens

Happiness can be seen in these Hampton NH Family Photos.  We spent some time looking at the camera and being all formal, but still with some fun.  Then we let go and let candids!  Chickens don’t pose. Babies love to eat dirt.  Everything happens in an honest, fantastic fashion.  My parents have a few nice pictures of all of us as a posed family on their walls.  They’re very nice and show we can be still for a moment. But I love the pictures where I’m playing with papa smurf or cheesing it up in my sunglasses much more! 


They represent my childhood and how I loved and how I laughed. 

Enough about me… back to the cutie at hand.  From Massachusetts Newborn Photos to now, Hugh’s got enough personality to go around and you can’t help but smile when you see his grin! 


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