Southern NH Winter Family Photos

Let it snow! Southern NH Winter Family Photos

Oh, Winter. We waited. And waited. And waited some more for snow and schedules to align for these Southern NH Winter Family Photos.  The forecast would say one thing; then it would change.  The snow would fall, but the schedules didn’t align and by the time they did, it would melt again. (In that regards.. best winter ever.  Enough snow for the water tables but not so much snow you felt like it was never going to end) but to get 18(ish) month photos of this little beauty – not so great in terms of winter loving.  We finally had snow in the forecast, and 20 minutes before sunset to play in the fresh fallen snow.  And then, another curveball.  Single digit temperatures.  After so many hits and misses, we decided to go for it anyway. And MAN, was she a trooper.  I think the whole session was about 11 minutes start to finish and she didn’t care it was SO FREAKING COLD.  She just wanted to run around and play.  But then she stumbled and her cold hands touched the cold snow and it was all over.  

I think we still did pretty damn well though! 

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