Cousins! | Sandown, NH Family Photography

I’ve got to tell you – there must have been some very happy grandparents this past Christmas.  It seems like siblings everywhere were getting their kids together to capture some grandchildren moments for framing and giving.


Keegan & his cousins were no different.  Although Keegan had already had two photo shoots with me, it was time to add his twin cousins into the mix so I headed back to his house to play with this group of 3 under 2!

Aren’t these two ADORABLE?

The twins were just getting the hang of being mobile, so I pulled out some chairs and stools in an attempt to encourage them to sit still.  It worked for a minute or two, but that was all the time we needed!

 I was even able to convince the whole crew to stand still for a shot of the whole fam-damily!

Thanks Watson-Hamilton family! I adore you and can’t wait til our next adventure!


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