Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs! Newborn Photos

Babies & dogs! That seems to be the name of the game these days, and it’s the CUTEST!  This sweet old girl and her newly minted baby brother were cozy and wonderful at their Newborn Photography session!  We started with some family photos in their living room, under the watchful eye of their first ‘baby.’  Ever protective of this new family member, I had a lot of inquisitive company while I got my gear out and started photographing.  After joining in the session with her own closeup and a family shot, she was a little less concerned about what I was doing.  We went upstairs to the cutest nursery – with the coolest peg board baby stuff organizer ever! It’s a good thing I’m not having any more babies, I’d want to redesign something after every nursery I get to see! 

When they showed me the dinosaur swaddler that matched the dinosaur sheets, I about lost my mind.  I don’t know why, but I’m freaking in love with the where’s waldoness of those shots! And also his snuggly elephant. And his sweet little neck .. so strong and so fragile!  And well, obviously, all of them!  Enjoy! 



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