Seacoast NH Family MIni Sessions

Make time. Not excuses.

Make time, not excuses.  Your family is worthy of tangible memories. Memories that can be passed down from generation to generation. With a Seacoast NH Family Mini Sessions, lovingly called the “I Get A Kick Out Of You” session, you need even less time. No Excuses! 

Life goes by so fast.  And there are never enough memories. Never enough pictures.

Not the pictures you take on your phone that live there forever. Or worse, disappear when you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet. And you thought you were backing up to the cloud. But realized you weren’t once it was too late.

‘Real’ pictures. Photos where you’re even in a few.  The images that make it on your walls and in your albums.  The way that that sweet little 3-year-old will be able to look back in 30 years, with their own family, and compare, contrast, and REMEMBER. 

You can’t do it wrong.  One kid, one pet, just you, or your whole family – every image we create is an opportunity to hold time in the palm of your hand

A mini-session is fun!  I like to call it “mkp lite” – A quick session so you can have new photos of this very moment in life. Freshen up your walls (and social networking profiles), or have the perfect gift for giving. Kids, couples, pets, family, love, just because, and why the heck not. You’re free to bring props (I love props!) and as many or as few people as you’d like to try and photograph in the time allotted.  

Mini-sessions happen ‘in bulk’ at a discount when I announce a day that I have a bunch of time slots available, but they can also happen a la carte! 

This fall’s bulk dates have come and gone, but my a la carte sessions are always available, and are a hit!

Here’s a look at round 2 of this fall’s Seacoast NH Family Mini Sessions – and the absolute cuteness that ensued! 

Make time, not excuses. You are worthy. You are worth it. 


Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs! Newborn Photos

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