The word of the day is cozy!

How cute and cozy are these two in their Exeter NH Fall Engagement session??

I first met Bruce many moons ago when one of my favorite people, Nicole of Nicole Mower Weddings and Events married the love of her life, Haven.  Now, it’s Bruce’s turn to marry the love of HIS life, Emily!

I am so thrilled it was me they asked to document their love! 

They landed one of the nicer days we had in November. Prior to the early snow. Before the wind took away all the leaves.  Before we all fell into the holi-daze. I mean it when I tell you that It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, as long as you’re dressed for the weather and ready to have a good time, there will be wonderful images. 

I love the vibe they emanate. It’s so chill and grounded, with a little silly and a lot of fun mixed in. They take life as it comes at them, with an open mind and a ‘can do’ attitude.

When I asked them how they met, they replied: “We met at Statistics class at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH. We ended up sitting right next to each other in the front of the class but ultimately goofed off (aka flirted) the entire semester.” – Just like I said.  Let’s do this serious thing that’s good for us, but make it as fun as possible at any given moment, too! 

Seemingly up for anything, even some of my more strange ideas, we definitely got our steps in for the day! (Exercise AND photos, it’s all part of my endless services HAHA)

The colors in the leaves and the low sun have me swooning with visions of eras gone by, but still so very current. Is it the 70s? the 90s? Who knows?! I’m awestruck when I create images that could have come from any point in the last 40 years.  Those are the images I know will still be pure and convey the love they felt 40 years from now. 

After our Exeter NH Fall Engagement Session, they took me out for a margarita! That secured their place as my most favorite clients ever. (Ok, I don’t really pick favorites, but I truly, truly love the extra time I got to spend learning more about them and sharing a drink and a snack!)(Thanks, guys!!) 

I’m looking forward to their wedding next summer! So full of family and fun and of course, love! 

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