Alyssa & Mike: Married! Rivermill Landing, Dover NH Wedding

You may well remember Alyssa & Mike’s Exeter NH winter engagement session.  These two die-hards braved the cold and made the snow their b*tch.  Being chilly’s never looked so good.  Until their Dover NH wedding day, that is!

A few fun facts about Alyssa & Mike:

  • How did you meet? On Tinder, HAHA! (best answer ever)
  • What are you most excited about leading up to the wedding day? Definitely Mike seeing me in my wedding gown. (obviously – wait till you see his expression!)
  • What are you most excited about ON your wedding day? Having all our friends and family together in one place, having fun and celebrating our love. (there wasn’t a dry eye in the house)
  • What are your favorite beverages? Alyssa- Cosmo or white wine/Mike- Margarita (yes, please)
  • What are your favorite foods? Alyssa: Asian food. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc…/Mike: Tacos (again – why don’t we go out for dinner together?)
  • Who’s the better Willy Wonka? Gene Wilder! Always the original.
  • What song can you not resist singing and dancing to? Alyssa- ANYTHING by Taylor Swift 🙂 Especially Shake it Off and Blank Space / Mike: Everybodys better by MightyMighty Bosstones (oh, there was dancing!)
  • Tell me one random fact about each of you. (Please?!) Alyssa: I am obsessed with fashion in other time periods, and I love anything vintage or antique. / Mike: Likes to learn about and experience new food/cultures (*Mike is also a Driver’s Ed instructor and patiently answered any questions I had about the process while my kid was going through the process!!)
  • Is there anything else I should know?! The theme/goal of our wedding is FUN! 🙂 — MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Was it ever fun –

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