Vanessa & Jeff: A Romantic Hamilton Hall Wedding

When the baby sister of your Best Man gets married to her perfect fit, it’s a pretty emotional gig. But I’m so glad I was the one to share in all the behind the scenes joy and help tell the story of their day!

The morning started at the beautiful Salem Waterfront Hotel with the dapper groom and his fantastically customized groom’s gift.

hamilton-hall-wedding-000In a nearby room, the girls were abuzz.  Between the hair and the makeup, the robes and the attire, it was almost like something big was happening 😉 hamilton-hall-wedding-001 One pallette, multiple dresses!
hamilton-hall-wedding-002 Hairstylist Kevin, and Makeup Artist Kerri were a dream team! hamilton-hall-wedding-003 hamilton-hall-wedding-004 The whole gorgeous gang!  That little one in front is the son of our best man & maid of honor; he calls us Aunties.  They dropped him off for pictures and told him to make sure he listened to whatever Auntie Melissa said. 😉 He’s a great listener (usually) hamilton-hall-wedding-005 hamilton-hall-wedding-006 Next we moved over to the hall for finishing touches. Hamilton Hall is a great venue with beautiful open space and spectacular light! hamilton-hall-wedding-007 hamilton-hall-wedding-008 The reveal <3 Vanessa has two brothers and a sister.  As the youngest, she’s always been their pride and joy, and her wedding day was about as proud as you could see these guys. hamilton-hall-wedding-009hamilton-hall-wedding-010 The stunning bouquet held helped include their father in the day.  hamilton-hall-wedding-011 On to the first look!hamilton-hall-wedding-012 hamilton-hall-wedding-013 hamilton-hall-wedding-014Immediately followed by some stunning pre-wedding portraits. hamilton-hall-wedding-015 hamilton-hall-wedding-016 Then the whole gang came up to meet us. Sometimes a large wedding party can be a little precarious, but obviously, they are all rockstars. hamilton-hall-wedding-017 hamilton-hall-wedding-018 At last, it was time to get married!  Her brothers Tom & Tim danced her down the aisle. hamilton-hall-wedding-019 hamilton-hall-wedding-020 hamilton-hall-wedding-021 hamilton-hall-wedding-022 hamilton-hall-wedding-023 hamilton-hall-wedding-024 mazal tov!hamilton-hall-wedding-025After the IDOs the guests headed down to cocktail hour while we went across the street to a sweet little park to have fun with the family & wedding party photos. hamilton-hall-wedding-026 FAVORITE! I love how their look was so romantic while still seeming casual and carefree!hamilton-hall-wedding-027As much as a blast as they were, we kicked the riffraff to the curb to focus on the newlyweds 😉hamilton-hall-wedding-028 hamilton-hall-wedding-029 hamilton-hall-wedding-030 hamilton-hall-wedding-031 hamilton-hall-wedding-032 The whole reception was splendid from start to finish.  Including, but in no means limited to the speeches, the dances, and of course, the unicorn horns – – you’ll see! hamilton-hall-wedding-033 hamilton-hall-wedding-034 hamilton-hall-wedding-035 hamilton-hall-wedding-036 hamilton-hall-wedding-037 hamilton-hall-wedding-038 hamilton-hall-wedding-039 hamilton-hall-wedding-040 hamilton-hall-wedding-041 hamilton-hall-wedding-042 hamilton-hall-wedding-043 hamilton-hall-wedding-044 hamilton-hall-wedding-045 hamilton-hall-wedding-046 hamilton-hall-wedding-047 hamilton-hall-wedding-049hamilton-hall-wedding-048Thank you for hanging on through all these photos – it was after all, impossible to narrow it down more than this! Vanessa & Jeff, thank you so much for having me along on your crazy, colorful ride!

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